BISE Student - Zum Hervorheben des Werts von Studienarbeiten

(19.01.2023) Ali Sunyaev, Christof Weinhardt, Wil van der Aalst & Oliver Hinz haben ein Editorial über "BISE Student" in Business & Information Systems Engineering veröffentlicht. Der Artikel ist online frei verfügbar via Open Access:


In today’s academic practice, at the end of most of the study programs worldwide students submit a thesis, which often disappears into a non-public university archive or desk drawer, never to be seen again. Many of these works are being carried out with great thoroughness and produce results of high practical and scientific value for other students, researchers, and practitioners. […]

In hope of improving the current situation regarding the publication of student theses, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in cooperation with the BISE Journal have developed BISE Student (, a platform to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from student theses – starting with the area of Information Systems – to society. BISE Student aims to make the publication of excellent student theses much easier for students and universities. It provides an open and highly visible platform that makes the inherent knowledge usable and, thus, reveals the real value of bachelor’s, master’s, and diploma theses.