Neuer Catchword-Artikel in der Zeitschrift Business & Information Systems Engineering(BISE) angenommen

Unser neuer Artikel „Artificial Intelligence as a Service – Classification and Research Directions “ von Sebastian Lins, Konstantin D. Pandl, Heiner Teigeler, Scott Thiebes, Calvin Bayer, und Ali Sunyaev ist nun im Journal Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE) unter der Rubrik „Catchwords“ angenommen worden.

Abstract (englisch): The adoption of artificial intelligence promises tremendous economic benefits for organizations. Yet, many organizations struggle to unlock the full potential of this technology. To ease the adoption of artificial intelligence for organizations, several cloud providers have begun offering artificial intelligence as a service (AIaaS). The research field on AIaaS itself is still scattered and combines terminologies and approaches from multiple disciplines. While the term “artificial intelligence as a service” is seldom found in the literature, researchers and practitioners use an ever-increasing amount of different terms to describe the phenomenon.Our catchword article’s objectives are to deepen our understanding of the phenomenon AIaaS and foster conceptual clarity to support both practitioners and researchers. To do so, we first propose a definition of AIaaS and divide AIaaS into three layers hierarchically organized as a stack, based on a literature review on AIaaS research and interviews with experts from the field. We also discuss core characteristics commonly shared by AIaaS, such as abstracting the complexity of AI services for users and inheriting cloud characteristics. We then discuss open challenges and future research directions for the BISE community.