Dr.  Sebastian Lins

Dr. Sebastian Lins

  • Kaiserstr. 89
    76133 Karlsruhe


Ich arbeite an Forschungsaufgaben, die sich mit dem Entwurf, der Entwicklung und der Evaluierung von zuverlässiger, sicherer und zweckmäßiger Software und Informationssystemen befassen. Meine Forschung zeichnet sich durch einen starken Domänenfokus aus, insbesondere auf die Internetindustrie und verwandte Technologien wie Cloud, Edge und Distributed Computing. Hauptziel meiner Forschung ist das Theoretisieren und Entwerfen von Anwendungen und Methoden, die für die Schaffung und Innovation soziotechnischer Systeme mit vielversprechenden Wertversprechen erforderlich sind.


Dr. Sebastian Lins ist Akademischer Rat und Dozent in der Forschungsgruppe Critical Information Infrastructures.

Let me highlight some of my passions

Doing Research
  • My research focuses on designing and using trustworthy, sociotechnical systems with auspicious value propositions
  • Main areas of work to achieve trust:
    • Performing (continuous) certification and awarding assurance seals
    • Ensuring data protection & information security
    • Fostering trust transfer
    • Achieving digital sovereignty through ecosystems
  • Focus on internet-based technologies, including:
    • Cloud computing
    • Fog and edge computing
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Distributed ledger technology
  • I received the ACM SIGMIS Doctoral Dissertation Award for my doctoral thesis
  • Holding a visiting professorship ('Vertretungsprofessur') in the winter semester 2023/2024, being a substitute for the chair ‘Information Systems and Systems Development’ (W3) at the University of Kassel
Working on Projects
  • Operational lead of the projects AUDITOR (www.auditor-cert.de) and DIRECTIONS (www.directions-cert.de), developing novel data protection certifications funded by the German ministries
  • Co-responsible for the project “Accountable Artificial Intelligence-based Systems” funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)
  • Taking part in the development of a manufacturing service ecosystem based on Gaia-X
Passionate Teaching
  • Fortunate to supervise a team of eighth phd students
  • Teaching bachelor and master lectures and seminars @ KIT and KIT HECTOR School
  • I’m currently acquiring the university didactics certification from Baden-Wuerttemberg, requiring diverse training courses and a total workload of 150 hours to improve my teaching skills
Supporting the Community
  • Being reviewer for leading journals (e.g., European Journal of Information Systems; Information Systems Journal; Business & Information Systems Engineering) and conferences (e.g., International Conference on Information Systems)
  • Associate editor for the International Conference on Information Systems, European Conference on Information Systems, and Workshop on Information Security and Privacy
  • Taking part in diverse committees, including the working group Gaia-X Compliance, sector committee data protection of the German Accreditation Body, and expert group of the project eduCheck Digital
Selected Publications
  • Greulich, M; Lins, S.; Pienta, D.; Thatcher, J. B.; Sunyaev, A (2023). Exploring Contrasting Effects of Trust in Organizational Security Practices and Protective Structures on Employees’ Security-Related Precaution Taking. In:  Information Systems Research (ISR), forthcoming.
  • Adam, M; Lins, S.; Sunyaev, A.; Benlian, A. (2023).The Contingent Effects of IS Certifications on the Trustworthiness of Websites. In: Journal of the Association for Information Systems (JAIS), forthcoming, doi: 10.17705/1jais.00836
  • Lins, S.; Becker, J-M; Lyytinen, K.; Sunyaev, A. (2023). A Design Theory for Certification Presentations. In: ACM SIGMIS Database 54 (3), doi: 10.1145/3614178.3614183
  • Thiebes, S.; Lins, S.; Sunyaev, A. (2021). Trustworthy artificial intelligence. Electronic Markets 31 (2), doi:10.1007/s12525-020-00441-4
  • Lins, S.; Pandl, K.; Teigeler, H.; Thiebes, S.; Bayer, C.; Sunyaev, A. (2021). Artificial Intelligence as a Service – Classification and Research Directions. Business & Information Systems Engineering, 63, 441–456. doi:10.1007/s12599-021-00708-w
  • Kannengießer, N.; Lins, S.; Sander, C.; Winter, K.; Frey, H.; Sunyaev, A. (2021). Challenges and Common Solutions in Smart Contract Development. In IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 48 (11), 4291–4318. doi:10.1109/TSE.2021.3116808
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  • Lins, S.; Kromat, T.; Löbbers, J.; Benlian, A.; Sunyaev, A. (2020). Why Don’t You Join In? A Typology of Information System Certification Adopters. Decision Sciences 53 (3), 452–485. doi:10.1111/deci.12488
  • Lins, S., Schneider, S., & Sunyaev, A. (2018). Trust is Good, Control is Better: Creating Secure Clouds by Continuous Auditing. IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, 6 (3), p. 890 - 903. doi: 10.1109/TCC.2016.2522411
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