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ReDiBlock: Ressourcenschonung durch Distributed-Ledgers- und BlockchainTechnologie für die industrielle Produktion und Kreislaufwirtschaft

The data generated along the product life cycle serves as basis for many decisions. Both the upstream areas of production and distribution and the downstream areas of collection, reuse and recycling could benefit from this information.

An information exchange forms the basis for effective design and control of resource-efficient recycling management and economy. Flows of materials and goods must be analyzed over the entire product life cycle so that it can be controlled from each phase.

Since this is not (or partially) the case in practice, the approach of a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform offers the possibility to improve the data basis for all actors in value-added and recycling management networks.

Sharing access to this information would significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire system. This information is indispensable in the course of societal expectations of climate protection and in the course of a sustainable industrial society with efficient, environmentally compatible flows of energy and materials.

The project's goal is to clarify technical approaches and prerequisites, analyze correctness guarantees of transfers of real data into the digital system, develop a DLT system concept, as well as build and test a platform with real data from participating companies.