Bachelor Exchange with Arizona State University

Within the DAAD RISE exchange program, the research group cii offers the unique opportunity to do an internship of several months at Arizona State University with Prof. Julian Lehmann in the W. P. Carey School of Business. In preparation for the exchange, Bachelor students are expected to write their final thesis in the cii research group. Students can currently apply until November 9, 2022.

With RISE Weltweit the DAAD supports international exchange in the natural and engineering sciences. German Bachelor students receive a scholarship for an internship in various countries around the world and are supervised by local researchers. Further information and FAQs can be found at

In recent years, a large number of students have already been able to participate in the exchange. Not only have they been able to gain new experience and knowledge (e.g. deepening their scientific writing), but they have also gained insights into life at an elite university in the USA. In addition, joint scientific publications with the students, Prof. Lehmann and the cii research group have been produced recently.

Contact: Maximilian Renner