New research project DIRECTIONS already announced on German TV before official start!

In December, the new research project DIRECTIONS - Data Protection Certification for Educational Information Systems will start, which is led by the research group cii. Together with the University of Kassel and datenschutz cert GmbH, the KIT is developing and testing a sustainably, applicable data protection certification for school information systems.

The number and variety of school information systems are booming worldwide. These include learning applications (e.g. Anton, itslearning), learning platforms (e.g. moodle, ILIAS), content platforms for explanatory videos, audio contributions, podcasts; as well as learning infrastructures such as video conferencing systems (e.g. visavid, MS Teams), chat programs (e.g. Wire, School-Fox), or interactive bulletin boards (e.g. Taskcards, LearningApps). Providers of these information systems must ensure that their systems meet all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and should communicate this transparently to educational institutions, school boards and local authorities. A suitable means for this is data protection certification, which is to be developed and tested in the real world for the first time as part of DIRECTIONS.

Current problems and the need for such certifications were addressed on 14.11.2021 in the TV program "Westpol" of the WDR. From minute 22, the program also briefly refers to the DIRECTIONS project and KIT. Even if only a short reference is included in the broadcast, the current media attention is considerable, keeping in mind that the project will not start until next December!

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