Best Paper Award @ WI22 for the cii research group in the DaWID project

(02.03.2022) The paper “Linking Data Sovereignty and Data Economy: Arising Areas of Tension” von Florian Lauf; Simon Scheider; Jan Bartsch; Philipp Herrmann; Marija Radic; Marcel Rebbert; André T. Nemat; Christoph Schlueter Langdon; Ralf Konrad; Ali Sunyaev; and Sven Meister has been awarded with the Best Paper Award at the 17th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI22).

Abstract: In the emerging information economy, data evolves as an essential asset and personal data in particular is used for data-driven business models. However, companies frequently leverage personal data without considering individuals’ data sovereignty. Therefore, we strive to strengthen individuals’ position in data ecosystems by combining concepts of data sovereignty and data economy. Our research design comprises an approach to design thinking iteratively generating, validating, and refining such concepts. As a result, we identified ten areas of tension that arise when linking data sovereignty and data economy. Subsequently, we propose initial solutions to resolve these tensions and thus contribute to knowledge about the development of fair data ecosystems benefiting both individuals’ sovereignty and companies’ access to data.

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The paper was written within the DaWID project. Further information can be found at: