Girls’ Day - Future Prospects for Girls, 28 April 2022: Our cii Workshop is now open for registration!

(17 March 2022) This year’s nationwide Girls’ Day - Future Prospects for Girls - takes place on the 28th of April 2022. We are looking forward to opening our doors virtually for our cii workshop as a part of the broader KIT Girls’ Day program. ‘Become a Scientist and Shape the Future – An Introduction to our Research Projects & Your Opportunities‘ - “Als Wissenschaftlerin die Zukunft gestalten – Wir zeigen dir unsere Forschungsprojekte & deine Möglichkeiten“. The workshop will be conducted virtually (however, only in the German language) and is open for registration.


The workshop introduces students to our research group and provides insights into our research objectives and potential paths towards becoming a scientist. The presentation of selected projects enables students to experience the societal relevance of research in relatable domains like medicine or education (e.g., our projects FLAIROP, NephroCAGE and DIRECTIONS). Finally, a Q&A session resolves any remaining questions regarding a scientist’s job role, daily work, or our research interests.

Please inform your daughter, niece, or granddaughter about our workshop – We would be happy to welcome them!

About Girls’ Day: “Every year technical enterprises, enterprises with technical departments and technical training facilities, universities, and research centres are invited to organise an open day for girls – Girls'Day. Girls'Day – 'Future Prospects for Girls' initiated a large campaign in which a wide range of professions and activities is presented to girls of 10 years upwards. The vocational choices of girls are influenced in a very positive way. For companies, Girls'Day has evolved as an important instrument of their recruitment policy.” Excerpt from: 

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