Forum Privatheit Paper Now Available as Open Access Publication

(13.04.22) The Forum Privatheit 2020 paper: "Let the Computer Say NO! The Neglected Potential of Policy Definition Languages for Data Sovereignty" by Jan Bartsch, Tobias Dehling, Florian Lauf, Sven Meister and Ali Sunyaev has now been published as part of the open access book " Selbstbestimmung, Privatheit und Datenschutz".

Abstract: During interaction with today’s internet services and platform ecosystems, consumer data is often harvested and shared without their consent; that is, consumers seized to be the sovereigns of their own data with the proliferation of the internet. Due to the rapid and abundant nature of interactions in today’s platform ecosystems, manual consent management is impractical. To support development of semi-automated solutions for reestablishing data sovereignty, we investigate the use of policy definition languages as machine-readable and enforceable mechanisms for fostering data sovereignty. We conducted a realist literature review of the capabilities of policy definition languages developed for pertinent application scenarios (e.g., for access control in cloud computing). We consolidate extant literature into a framework of the chances and challenges of leveraging policy definition languages as central building blocks for data sovereignty in platform ecosystems.

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