Jason Bennett Thatcher (Prof. at Temple University, USA) visits KIT

(14.07.2022) "Standing on the shoulders of giants" - Renowned IS researcher Prof. Jason Bennett Thatcher from Temple University, USA, visits the KIT for a three-day research stay.

After more than two years of pandemic, Prof. Ali Sunyaev invited fellow IS researcher and friend Prof. Jason Thatcher to a three-day on-campus visit to the cii research group and Institute AIFB in general. During his stay from Monday, June 10th to Wednesday, June 12th, Jason took the time to talk to many Ph.D. students in private sessions to help them with their individual papers as well as overall dissertation outlines. On Tuesday afternoon, he also held an institute-wide lecture on "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Authors." The images below show some impressions from the lecture.

"Habit 7: Good authors know their limits. While this primarily means intellectual knowledge limits, it is also important to know your physical limits. Take time off, plan vacations!" – said Jason during his talk. Living by this statement, he also took time off to enjoy Karlsruhe, and its many attractions, such as the botanical garden with his daughter (last image).

We would like to thank Jason for taking the time and his long journey to the KIT. Safe travels and come back soon!




jason and audience

jason at botanic garden