New Article on Vehicular Fog Computing published in IEEE Access

(30.12.2022) Our paper “A Threat Model for Vehicular Fog Computing” by Timo Klein, Anett Katzenbach, Tanja Fenn, Heiner Teigeler, Sebastian Lins, and Ali Sunyaev has been published in the journal IEEE Access. The article is published with open access and freely available to the public.

View Article: 10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3231189 ,


Vehicular Fog Computing (VFC) facilitates the deployment of distributed, latency-aware services, residing between smart vehicles and cloud services. However, VFC systems are exposed to manifold security threats, putting human life at risk. Knowledge on such threats is scattered and lacks empirical validation. We performed an extensive threat assessment by reviewing literature and conducting expert interviews, leading to a comprehensive threat model with 33 attacks and example security mitigation strategies, among others. We thereby synthesize and extend prior research; provide rich descriptions for threats; and raise awareness of physical attacks that underline importance of the cyber-physical manifestation of VFC.