Call for Papers for the Special Issue “Decentralised Information Systems: New Thinking and New Paradigms“ of the Journal of Information Technology

(27.04.2023) Driven by technological advancements such as blockchain technology, the decentralization of information systems has gained enormous importance in recent years. Nonetheless, the actual impact of current decentralization endeavors on future information systems is still unclear.

Information systems decentralization is driven by interdepended economic, political, social, and technical factors. As an example of technical factors, the innovation of blockchain technology supports the decentralization of asset ownership management. Changes to corporate information system designs, corporate ecosystems, and regulatory refinements are required to facilitate the development and adoption of such technical innovations. Such changes can lead to the centralization of information systems in other aspects, such as their organizational structures. The entanglement of interdisciplinary factors tightly makes information systems decentralization an interdisciplinary topic, relevant to several research fields, including computer science, organizational and information systems.

The special issue seeks to explore and extend the conceptualization, design, development, implementation, and governance of contemporary “decentralized” information systems.


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