New Article published in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

(19.10.2023) Our publication "Medical informed machine learning: A scoping review and future research directions" by Florian Leiser, Sascha Rank, Manuel Schmidt-Kraepelin, Scott Thiebes, and Ali Sunyaev is now available in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.


Combining domain knowledge (DK) and machine learning is a recent research stream to overcome multiple issues like limited explainability, lack of data, and insufficient robustness. Most approaches applying informed machine learning (IML), however, are customized to solve one specific problem. This study analyzes the status of IML in medicine by conducting a scoping literature review based on an existing taxonomy. We identified 177 papers and analyzed them regarding the used DK, the implemented machine learning model, and the motives for performing IML. We find an immense role of expert knowledge and image data in medical IML. We then provide an overview and analysis of recent approaches and supply five directions for future research. This review can help develop future medical IML approaches by easily referencing existing solutions and shaping future research directions.

The article is now available at: