Fog Computing Business Value Generation in Practice

  • Subject:Fog Computing
  • Type:Bachelor, Master
  • Date:Now
  • Supervisor:

    Erb, Yannick

  • Background:

    Currently, fog computing is only utilized by a few early adopters within their value creation. Businesses remain uncertain regarding how they can benefit from the unique capabilities of fog computing and leverage them for value creation. Academic research has identified numerous potential usage scenarios where fog computing can be meaningfully employed. However, it is currently unclear whether and how organizations can benefit from fog computing. An analysis of fog computing usage by early adopters could help understand how value creation with and through fog computing can manifest in practice.



    The study aims to examine how companies employ fog computing to create value. To achieve this, expert interviews with practitioners will be conducted and analyzed.


    Starting Literature:

    Iorga, M., Feldman, L., Barton, R., Martin, M. J., Goren, N., & Mahmoudi, C. (2018). Fog computing conceptual model: Recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Special Publication 500-325, 1–8.


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