Fog Computing Usage in Practice: Analysis of Early Adopters

  • Subject:Fog Computing
  • Type:Bachelor, Master
  • Date:Now
  • Supervisor:

    Erb, Yannick

  • Background:

    Fog computing is increasingly discussed as an alternative to cloud computing in research. Despite various advantages, only a few early adopters implementing fog computing within their value chain can currently be observed in practice. For example, Hilti Group, a well-known tool manufacturer, uses a fog computing concept as part of their "Hilti Neuron" series to transfer the information stored in the tools' batteries to the "Hilti Cloud" during the charging process. This allows Hilti Group to offer services to their customers, such as tool utilization analysis or tool tracking, without the tools themselves needing an internet connection. To lay the foundation for further research in this area, it is necessary to identify and analyze cases of fog computing early adopters. Researching and identifying such companies and investigating the fog computing solutions they use could help identify areas where fog computing is already being applied and where there may be a gap between research and practice.



    The work aims to obtain an overview of fog computing solutions used in practice. To achieve this, existing practical solutions will be researched, identified, and coded based on several dimensions.


    Starting Literature:

    Iorga, M., Feldman, L., Barton, R., Martin, M. J., Goren, N., & Mahmoudi, C. (2018). Fog computing conceptual model: Recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Special Publication 500-325, 1–8.


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