Project DaWID publishes position paper "Data Sovereignty and Data Economy - Two Repulsive Forces?"

(11.06.2021) Citizens who have sovereignty over their data and at the same time the existence of organizations that create value with it —a dichotomy for many. However, the DaWID project aims to make this a reality by uniting data sovereignty for citizens and the data economy.

Before unifying these two perspectives, however, there is an upfront consideration of factors that can create tension. The DaWID consortium has taken on this task in its first joint position paper and identified ten areas of tension by considering data sovereignty, data economics, data law, and data ethics.
These include, for example, the risk of corporate manipulation of citizens, factors that discourage citizens from switching services, and the uncertainty of what future technologies can extract information from a dataset shared today.

The position paper can be found at:

The DaWID consortium consists of interdisciplinary representatives from academia and practice. It includes, in addition to Professor Dr. Sunyaev's Critical Information Infrastructures research group, the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Engineering (project lead), the Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy, T-Systems International GmbH - IoT Data Analytics, and the Institute for Digital Transformation in Healthcare.

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