The research group Critical Information Infrastructures (cii) is part of the Institute of Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods (AIFB) at the KIT-Department of Economics and Management (WiWi Department), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). We are a member of the Competence Center for Applied Security Technology (KASTEL), the KIT Center „Health Technologies“ (KITHealthTech), the KIT Center Information ˑ Systems ˑ Technologies (KCIST), and the Helmholtz Information and Data Science School for Health (HIDSS4Health).

ICIS Best Paper Nomintation
Best Paper Nomination @ International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2023

(29.11.2023) The paper “Artificial Intelligence as a Service: Trade-Offs Impacting Service Design and Selection” by Kathrin Brecker, Sebastian Lins, Manuel Trenz, & Ali Sunyaev has been nominated for the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2023.

Best Paper Nomination @ HICSS-57

(31.10.2023) The paper „Designing Gamification Concepts for Expert Explainable Artificial Intelligence Evaluation Tasks: A Problem Space Exploration” by Philipp Toussaint, Simon Warsinsky, Manuel Schmidt-Kraepelin, Scott Thiebes, & Ali Sunyaev has been nominated for the Best Paper Award at HICSS-57.

The enterprise information systems decentralization iceberg needs to be explored in more detail beyond the surface
New article published in Business & Information Systems Engineering

(30.10.2023) Our article "The future of enterprise information systems" has now been published in Business & Information Systems Engineering.

SL Visiting Scholar in Kassel_cropped.jpg
Sebastian Lins started his visiting professorship at the University of Kassel

(19.10.2023) Sebastian holds a visiting professorship in the current winter semester and takes over the lecture “Business Information Systems Analysis and Design” from Prof. Dr. Matthias Söllner.

AIiM Article.png
New Article published in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

(19.10.2023) Our publication "Medical informed machine learning: A scoping review and future research directions" by Florian Leiser, Sascha Rank, Manuel Schmidt-Kraepelin, Scott Thiebes, and Ali Sunyaev is now available in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.

Prof Sunyaev presents his lecture
Prof. Dr. Sunyaev gave a Talk on Informed Machine Learning during the KIT Welcome Week 2023

(18.10.2023) On 16.10.2023, the welcome week of the KIT department of economics and management took place. As always, Prof. Dr. Ali Sunyaev had the chance to welcome the approximately 600 new first-year students of the industrial engineering and management study program at KIT.